IT security audits

Verification of infrastructure cybersecurity

Our IT security audits are specially designed to analyze and verify the company cybersecurity structure. Thay may be focused on the company network (e.g. to identify resistance of IT infractructure to hacking and cyberattacks), detection of all the IT vulnerabilities in the organization web applications and applied softwares, as well as testing the vulnerability of employees to attempts at persuasion.

Pentests of network

Pentests stands for simulated ciberattacks on a customer invironment conducted by our pentester. The tests are performed to identify resistance of IT infractructure to hacking and cyberattacks. During the pentests, every subnetwork is verified. At this stage all the active machines are being checked and the group of hosts is picked to be analysed further. During the audit protection of server room is verified.

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Social engineering tests

Aimed at testing the vulnerability of employees to attempts at persuasion. When conducting social engineering tests we use social psychology particularly the rules of: mutuality, fondness and authority to verify whether employees allow for a situation that can put a company in danger of breaking in or data disclosure.

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Audit of solution setup Stormshield / ESET

Audit verifies the accuracy of configuration of solutions by checking to what extent its capacity is being used. Audit is conducted remotely and a purchaser gets detailed report with the recommendations regarding changes in software setup.

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Pentests of web application

Regarding the unlimited availability for Internet users, web applications are particularly exposed to different forms of attacks. Pentests of such applications are conducted in form of blackbox, graybox and whitebox tests. Their goal is to detect all the vulnerabilities in the web application that can cause service malfunction, unwanted authorisation and other setup errors.

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Information security audit consistent with ISO 27001

Information security audit compliant with ISO27001 which is an international standard regarding information security management. It is dedicated to the companies which already have or plan to implement ISO 27001 and conduct audit in compliance with a norm. Our certfied auditors will verify the current sistuation of a company regarding ISO 27001 and indicate potential gaps and issues worth being improved.

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